Research Resources




Alaska Pacific University

Anchorage Public Library

 University of Alaska, Anchorage

 ARLIS Alaska Resources Library & Information Systems

    UAA Dept. of Biological Sciences

 UAA Consortium Library

    UAA Environmental & Natural Resources Institute


   UAA WWAMI Biomedical Program


 University of Alaska, Fairbanks


   UAF Institute of Arctic Biology


University of Alaska, South-East



Research Organizations

Research Funding Bodies

 ADFG Alaska Department of Fish & Game


 ASLC Alaska Sea Life Center, ASLC

 Exxon-Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council

 Alaska Zoo


 BASC Barrow Arctic Science Consortium

NIH National Institutes of Health

 PSG Pacific Seabirds Group, PSG

 NPRB North Pacific Research Board

  UAA  Alaska Natural Heritage Program, ANHP

 NSF National Science Foundation

 US FWS   US Dept. of Fish & Wildlife (Alaska)

 UA University of Alaska Foundation

 USGS Alaska Science Center (USGS) - Biol. Science Office



Journal links

Research directories

American Physiological Society publications

Directory of Arctic Researchers, ARCUS

Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology - A


Functional Ecology


Integrative & Comparative Biology


Journal of Comparative Physiology - B


Marine ornithology


Ornithological Societies of North America


Physiological & Biochemical Zoology


Journal of Mammalogy



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