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        4.0 CR  (lecture + laboratory) Click here for a copy of the most recent syllabus.

    Principles of Physiology is a lecture and laboratory based course (the lecture and the  lab must be taken in the same semester!) intended to introduce students to the fundamental principles of physiology.  It is intended to serve the needs of both classical biology majors with an interest in animal physiology and those intending to progress into medicine or related fields.  The course content is tailored accordingly to prepare students for 400 and higher level biology courses, such as BIOL A415 Comparative Animal Physiology (Dr. Burns) and BIOL A485 Human Physiology (Dr. Furilla), while also covering the physiological material needed for the pre-medical MCAT exams.

   The course draws heavily on vertebrate especially mammalian and more especially human examples.  The principles covered do, however, apply to all animals and students with an interest in the physiology of other animal taxa (birds, fish, insects, marine invertebrates) are encouraged to discuss ways of exploring their interest further with the course instructor.

    The course is offered every Fall (Biol A316 Introduction to Plant Physiology, which also satisfies the physiology core requirement for Biology majors, is offered every Spring) with, typically one lecture section (section 601, capped at 48 students) and three lab. sections (sections 602 - 604 capped at 16 students) available.  Students must enrol in the lecture section and in one of the lab sections.  The sections cannot be taken for credit in different semesters. 


         3.0 CR  (lecture / tutorial / seminar) Click here for a copy of the most recent syllabus

     Advanced Experimental Design is intended to introduce graduate (MS & PhD) students to key concepts of experimental design and to the application of biostatistics in their field of research.  The students apply the course material to develop their own graduate research proposal. 

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